Mistake you should avoid as a newbie programmer

Mistake you should avoid as a newbie programmer

It is no doubt that human wants are insatiable and in the world of programming, such is also inevitable. Change is constant and technologies/programming languages evolves on daily basis while new ones are emerging.

It is a good idea to go follow trends and as well try to improve your skill sets but…


Problem Statement

Before you decide to migrate or try using another technology, make sure you understand and can work comfortably with the ones you already know. I know there is nothing like being 100% efficient with a programming language but you should be able to solve problems with what you know. I have friend who has an idea of about 5 Programming languages but can not work with any. He will be learning a programming language but when he sees a project of another developer built with a different language, he gets carried away and jumps to start learning that particular language. He is a typical example of "Jack of all trade and a master of none".


Every programming language has its pros and cons, try to be good at the one you are currently learning before diving into a new on. You may get intimidated by programmers who work well with many technologies, but what you don't understand is that, they didn't start learning all of them at the same time. It is a gradual process.