OpenAI ChatGPT: Thoughts and sentiments around it

OpenAI ChatGPT: Thoughts and sentiments around it

Lately I was seeing a lot of talks about how ChatGPT will take jobs from developers and it became worrisome that I had to checkout this tool myself, what I saw was really amazing. I love it.

It can write codes of task you ask of it and coming from the smart contract point of view, it can guide you on how to structure and write a smart contract.

Bots will always be bots

In as much as this tool can do a lot, there is also an extent to which it can go. Yes, they are been trained and they keep learning everyday, but while using ChatGPT I noticed a few things.

  • It has a particular pattern which it has been trained to execute certain actions.
  • I requested for it to write an ERC20 smart contract using solidity, it did perfectly, I also requested it to write an ERC721 smart contract, it did perfectly, but when I told it to write a more customised smart contract, it did write the contract but they were lots of bugs in the code.

ChatGPT writing an ERC20 smart contract screencapture-chat-openai-chat-2022-12-10-13_47_37.png

ChatGPT writing an ERC721 smart contract screencapture-chat-openai-chat-2022-12-10-13_49_11.png

ChatGPT writing token smart contract with more customised features screencapture-chat-openai-chat-2022-12-10-14_04_25.png

Bots are trained to do things in a certain way while humans think for themselves. Scenarios of problems come up everyday and many tech companies requires complex design patterns and structure for their app/dApps.

Humans will always be needed to write codes, but not the basics. Be good at your game, don't just know the basics because bots are really good at that already.

I understand that bots evolve over time, given the right amount of data. Data is also endless, what are their sources? The internet and human actions? what's the authenticity of the codes gotten from bots? what's the level of vulnerability in their codes? Do you trust them enough to use their codes on production level without a third eye(human: developer)?

Until the above questions are properly answered, I don't think bots will completely kick out developers who are good at what they do. Although it might reduce hire rate.

Sentiments and view about ChatGPT



Person2: I love this response


Person3: Another angle to view things


Person4: from someone who is into robotics


Person5: This is very constructive


Person6: coming from a senior smart contract developer



AI and bots are here to stay, humans will continue to build tools to make work easier which will have their positive and negative implications, but those who are able to evolve with all the changes will stand strong.